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A recent survey carried out by the motor ombudsmen showed that 72 per cent of respondents didn’t know that winter tyres are most effective in temperatures below 7°C

Drivers are reasonably educated about benefits of winter tyres but are unclear when it comes to foreign law. An alarming 87 per cent of car owners in the UK are unaware which EU countries make winter tyres mandatory. The survey of over 1,400 drivers in the UK revealed that around one in ten are aware that they need [...]

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Should you Fit Winter tyres?

Winter Tyres Dorset is currently experiencing an Arctic blast with the ‘Beast from the East’ meeting Storm ‘Emma’, so now is the time to get your winter tyres fitted. Snow and icy roads coupled with sub-zero temperatures make driving on our Bournemouth and Poole roads extremely hazardous. Winter tyres are designed to deal with tough conditions such as snow and [...]

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‘Concerning’ rise in MoT failures due to defects with tyre safety system

TyreSafe has aired its concern at the implication for road safety of skyrocketing MoT failure rates caused by defects with vehicles’ Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). More than 23,000 vehicles required a retest following identification of TPMS issues in 2016 compared with a little over 7000 in 2015* - an enormous rise of 212%. TPMS became mandatory on all new [...]

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Winter Tyres

WHY DO YOU NEED WINTER TYRES WHEN THE TYRES ON YOUR CAR ARE ALMOST BRAND NEW? The 7 degree 'C' factor Why do we need Winter tyres when our cars are fitted with good Summer tyres? Simply because Summer tyres do not work and grip the road efficiently below 7 degrees C. Design Winter tyres are designed to come into [...]

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Part Worn & 2nd Hand Tyres

To Buy or Not to Buy, that is the Question Mike Stokes as a company totally support the following comments and opinions of leading members and experts of the British Tyre Industry. With ever-increasing number of drivers putting their lives at risk by fitting part-worn tyres to their cars,when they may not even be saving money compared with buying new. [...]

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